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peppar bloody mary with fresh cajun mahi mahi over succotash


my mouth is still watering

I don’t know how else to say this, but eating delicious food and drinking hand-crafted cocktails makes me feel warm inside, the tingly kind. I love fresh ingredients, new twists on classic recipes, and just herbs on everything. When I can have a dining out experience that incorporates these factors, plus has an amazing atmosphere, it would be unfair to keep it to myself. I shared how much I loved an area in downtown Orlando called the thornton park district a couple posts back and this gem of a restaurant called cityfish is located right in the heart of it.

Their menu is simple with a focus on fresh seafood, cue Under the Sea. My husband and I shared cold peel’n’eat shrimp and a plate of mahi mahi from the daily fresh fish menu. (I was going to take a picture of the shrimp, but we ate it so fast you would’ve thought they were trying to get away.) The mahi mahi was served on delicious bacon succotash, alongside red bliss potatoes and jalapeño hush puppies. We ordered peppar bloody marys, which are a great compliment to seafood dishes, to wash down our seafood dinner. It was seriously so amazing (hold please while I gather myself).

Just in case your taste buds are banning together to form a mutiny unless you visit citypark tonight, I put together a similar menu inspired from this meal for you to make at home before your tongue is taken hostage. I centered the flavor profile around basil, but it can easily be swapped out for a herb you like more. Bon appétit.

succotash (the main ingredients here are corn and lima beans, feel free to experiment with additional ingredients). mahi mahi (if the fish is fresh, it will not have a fishy taste, but if you aren’t into fish, substitute with chicken or tofu). jalepeño hushpuppies (this recipe links you to a spicy chili sauce, but a lime mayo dip would be a good choice as well). basil bloody mary (this recipe calls for bloody mary mix and I recommend zingzang. Just a heads up, you may not need the tabasco with this mix.)

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