thornton park district | swoon

bus stop in thornton park district in downtown Orlando

found the portal to this amazing town

bikes parked outside a coffee shop

this duck fell in love with my husband…he might be in my suitcase.

monument to soldiers in the park

a quick city shot of downtown orlando 

My husband, Matthew, is a man consumed by wanderlust if their ever was one. He loves to plan our trips as much as I enjoy taking them. He really loves to try to surprise me with really unique places and he never disappoints; this trip was no exception. We stumbled across this quaint little town called the Thornton Park District. They have this beautiful park with a big playground full of kids, a gorgeous view of the lake, a running trail, and a variety of extremely friendly birds (if I thought I wouldn’t get arrested, they would all be flying home with me). Right around the corner from the park is a great neighborhood with bars, restaurants, and coffee shops lining the brick paved streets. It really is like a dream. If you are visiting Orlando and are looking for something different to do besides the normal Disney themed activities, I’d recommend it.

Something else that I recommend for a vacation to do is to laugh often. Even without this perfect little town, spending time with just my husband helps me fall in love all over again. I sometimes forget how funny he is. There were several times I laughed so hard that I came close to wetting myself (I said came close!!). We decided to get a Ghirardelli sundae and apparently having that much sugar in one setting has the same effect on my husband as alcohol does. Before I realized it, Matthew was pretending I was a horse and had nicknamed me Noodles. I could’ve been embarrassed, as many people were staring, but it was probably my favorite part of the whole trip. To laugh together is to love together and we shared a lot of love! On a side note, going forward, if you need me, I’ll only answer to Noodles.

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