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earth day | paperyrain.comI took this photo while in Lake Tahoe. A perfect picture to celebrate Earth’s beauty.

Happy Earth Day!

My Grandaddy use to say, “recycle today to save tomorrow.” Now, he wasn’t the type of man who placed importance on things easily, so when he did, I listened. We would talk a lot about the importance of taking care of the earth for my future (and yours too). He would explain during each trip out to the garden that I don’t have to be an activist or tie myself to a tree to make a difference, I can do little things everyday that are just as important (he was a pretty smart man). He set up my own recycling bin (that he painted pink for me), helped plant my own vegetable garden (kid’s tools are the cutest), and gave me knowledge that would last a lifetime. My Grandaddy didn’t just talk about being environmentally aware, he lived it and passed it on to me.

This Earth Day, I wanted to share a few tips on how you can easily celebrate Earth Day everyday, (just in case your Grandaddy didn’t have a garden to talk to you in).

1. Gardening. This encompasses many different things (not everyone needs a farm to garden). You can plant a tree seedling in your backyard, you can grow vegetables or herbs in pots on your patio, or you can plant native flowers in your yard.

2. Start a compost pile. If you live on a comfortable amount of land, you could certainly start one outside from scratch. It is super easy and more than likely, you have everything already you need to start one, click here to find out more. If that doesn’t work for you (or your yard), you can purchase a compost collector that is odor free and keep it inside or on your patio for easy use.

3. Recycle and re-use. Most waste companies offer recycling options as well now (thanks trash companies!), so it is as simple as sorting out recyclables from trash. In some areas you have to take your own trash and recycling to the dumpster (like where I am from, hee-haw!), so you do have to sort out the recycling pretty specifically, but if you stay organized, it is easy. Grab a couple of plastic storage bins from Target and label them with a sharpie according to your recycling needs. If you live in a city with pick up, it is as simple as sitting it out on your curb. As far as re-use, plastic bags (from stores), containers (from take out or lunch meat), paper products (like printer paper), can be easily re-used for other purposes. Before you toss something out, think, can this be re-used or recycled. You will be shocked how many things can fall into those two categories.

4. Turn off water while brushing your teeth. It is super simple, but keeps our local aquatic life happier and our water bills lower (how else will they, “just keep swimming”).

5. Get your bills emailed to you. I realize not everyone enjoys the digital age for everything (sometimes I still say, “you can find it on the internet”), but if you can go either way, then simply switch to online only. It saves a lot of paper, which in turn, helps to save the environment.

6. Teach our kids. Obviously, kids learn from us, so sharing information with them and trying to make it fun helps your family reduce its footprint and keeps the motion going.

There are so many more ways, but I just listed a few I thought you could implement today! For more tips and information, check out the following links:

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 I’d love to hear how you make a difference in keeping our earth wild and free!

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