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design joy: bar cart edition |

1. One King’s Lane Bethany Bar Cart 2. Crate & Barrel Mingle Decanter 3. Bhldn Metallic Swirl Straws 4. Second Shout Out Antiqued Ice Bucket 5. Amazon Toile Peacock Napkin 6.Vintage Cocktails Book  7. Kate Spade Gold Dots Highball Glasses

My husband and I have been talking about plans for the future recently (take a breath mom, that doesn’t always mean a baby). We have lived in Texas for over 2 years now and typically, with my husband’s company, it’s about this time that they start to ask us where we would be willing to move to. My favorite part about moving, besides meeting new people and making new friends, is deciding how we will decorate our future home.

In Texas, we have a smaller home, so I have missed having the space for little details (that don’t end up looking like we live in a museum of clutter). One of the spaces I miss the most from our old home in Charlotte, NC was our bar nook (we need space for drinking). I love all the special touches you can add just by having that unique space in your home; so naturally I have been envisioning our beautiful new bar area and all the fun things I’ll be putting in it (that is, in our imaginary future home, seems logical).

No matter if the bar area is real or not, the things I love right now are real, so I thought I’d put together a “to buy” list for my future self. Just in case you have the perfect bar area, I thought I’d share some of my faves with you too. Cheers! (with my new imaginary glasses to my new imaginary bar nook).

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