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dreamsicle cocktail | paperyrain.com

dreamsicle cocktail | paperyrain.com

My husband and I have been trying to be healthier (good thing I’m posting a cocktail huh?) so we have been experimenting with different foods and drinks to curb our cravings. We decided to get some sparkling, flavored waters to help us when we are craving something sweet (it kind of sounds sad when I type it). We were playing around with flavor combinations for mocktails with the flavored waters and my husband stumbled across this one. He mixed equal parts orange juice and the pineapple-coconut sparkling water and boom, a delicious mocktail that tastes like a dreamsicle was born. We decided to make a cocktail version with spiced rum (for the sake of experimenting only) also because it adds just a hint of cinnamon flavor and really rounds out the flavors. It is delicious and fairly good for you (I said fairly). Whether it is a mocktail or cocktail version, I think you’ll love this new version (and adult version) of a childhood favorite.

Dreamsicle Cocktail



  • Combine first 2 ingredients over ice. Stir and enjoy.
  • If adding alcohol, float alcohol on top and gently stir. Cheers!


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