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This quote is one of my absolute favorites (and it has nothing to do with it being easy to remember). I feel like it can be applied to almost any situation to help get your mind back on track when it starts to veer off a bit.

I actually use this quote a lot while working on the blog. It can be intimidating to be a new blogger; to start from the ground up with so many established blogs already out there. I have to remind myself that if I put passion behind what I do, believe in myself and what the blog stands for, and “just keep going,” there will be good things waiting.

I also use this quote when talking to my two Haleys (my sweet, work sister and my sweet, real sister). They are both in their early twenties (as if I need to say more). At that age, everyone is showcasing their perfect degree, boyfriend, job, car, family, hair style, engagement ring, the list goes on. The likelihood of not feeling pressured at that age to start making all kinds of life altering decisions gets slimmer everyday. The only thing I can truly tell them to try to make it easier, is to “just keep going.” Tomorrow can be different and with time, things fall into place, so if you just keep going, things will happen as they should (remember that Haleys!).

This quote really is perfect. It is simple, but yet universal. Maybe you are needing a little motivation to finish training for a marathon .. “just keep going.” Maybe you are applying to jobs relentlessly to make ends meet and are feeling discouraged .. “just keep going.” Maybe you are dealing with a loss of any kind, it’s hard, but a great place to start is to .. “just keep going.” Maybe you are just having a rough day or week for that matter .. “just keep going.” The sun will shine again and you want to be the first one in line to enjoy it, so for anything and always, just keep going.

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