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Before I say anything about how much I love this quote (whoops, too late!) I just want to say how adorable The Alison Show blog is. I actually just found it and started sifting through all the posts (I’m headed back there after I write this), but I already love how real she is and how she represents herself so honestly (with a fun, whimsical flare). I feel like I could tell her my love for unicorns and she would squeal, do my favorite dance move, and say, “me too!!” Needless to say, you should go check it out.

Ok, back to the quote. So, this quote kind of sums up my most recent life lesson. I had dinner with one of my good friends here in Texas a bit ago and she flat-out told me, I have been a bad friend. At first, I was like, “you love me, remember?” and then I started to let it sink in what she was saying. She was right, I have been totally self-absorbed and wanting her to invest time in our friendship when I wasn’t really investing in it.

 This quote is a perfect reminder that: 1. you should only invest in people who invest in you and build you up, but also 2. you need to be worthy of someone’s investment. Especially as we get older, friendships require more effort and it is easy to let life push you apart, but thanks to my sweet friend, I will not be a friend who isn’t worth investing in (and just in case you were wondering, my friend and I are back to normal; texting ridiculous thoughts and confessing our diet splurges).


  1. Kelly Jo says:

    I’m not familiar with The Alison Show, I will check it out for sure. I think these are all such great points. My best girlfriend and I don’t spend nearly as much time together as we used to. Between boyfriends and kids and jobs and living in different cities it’s bound to happen. She was saying the other day how she’s been lonely and I feel that way at times as well. I think it’s normal as we get older (and wiser) that we all need to put in more of an effort in our friendships and relationships. I think it’s great that your friend could be honest with you and that you in-turn could say yes, I will work on that. And typically, those are the friendships that are totally worth the effort.

    • paperyrain says:

      My very best friend lives in NC and as we were moving to Dallas two years ago, she was having her first baby. Needless to say, things have changed a lot for both of us and sometimes, instead of me being like, I miss you or I need you, I just keep quiet. When my friend here in TX actually spoke up, it was seriously such a lightbulb moment. I decided right there that if my friendships are as important to me as I know they are, I need to speak up and make the effort to make them feel included in my life. I think you are totally right though, when friends are honest with you, when you know it can’t be easy for them, it says a lot about them and the importance of that relationship.
      With that said, I can’t say it enough, thank you for always reading the blog! You are such a sweet person and you should know that!

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