ruffles & pleats | style

ruffles and pleats |

ruffles and pleats |

ruffles and pleats |

ruffles & pleats |

ruffles and pleats |

ruffles and pleats |

ruffles and pleats |

Some things just go together in my book. (Crunchy) peanut butter and (strawberry) jelly, scary people and dark alleys (truth), Bedknobs and Broomsticks (yes to Angela Lansbury, always), and ruffles, polka dots, and pleats. I kind of feel the most me in girlie pieces, so when I can pair them together, add a little quirky jewelry, it will, more than likely, be a good day. Thank goodness for the little things right?


J.Crew factory Printed Ruffle Top (new version and there is an adorable herringbone print available and it’s on sale right now!)

Pleated black skirt (old, similar)

Bauble Bar necklace (old, similar)

Seychelles Thyme Two Tone Wedge (on sale!)

To Porter, a pup who inspired us all to find joy in every moment


  1. Kelly Jo says:

    Totally with ya on the crunchy PB and strawberry jelly, it’s my fave PB+J combo. And now I really want one! Your hair looks so cute like that and I love those wedges!

    • paperyrain says:

      haha, I have been craving a PB&J for like 4 days. I can’t live off that but apparently, my body and me are on different pages about that. If I tease my hair, it gets extra fluffy, so thank you for the compliment on my fluff. The wedges are actually comfortable. Seychelles makes really good shoes!

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