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I ran in my first half marathon, the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Walt Disney World. I’m not in this photo because I felt very accomplished, I also looked terrifying.

lace crop tops & tropical skirts | paperyrain.com

I got some great inspiration from a great friend and started paperyrain.

keep austin weird | paperyrain.com

We pulled out our cowboy boots and boot scooted through Austin, TX.

blue ridge parkway | paperyrain.com

We traveled to Virginia to visit family and of course stopped for a photo-op on the Blue Ridge Parkway

hola madrid | paperyrain.com

We spiced the middle of the year up and headed to Spain. This was in a park in Madrid.

birds of a feather | paperyrain.com

I fed a bird in the park in Madrid. And that is the day I deemed myself the newest Disney Princess.

buenos dias barcelona | paperyrain.com

We visited Barcelona and it was amazing! I might’ve gotten sea sick on a sail boat tour in the middle of the Mediterranean sea and had to crawl to the front of the boat in front of about 50 people, but I got back on dry land and got a pitcher of Sangria to celebrate me making it.

bonjour paris | paperyrain.com

We visited Paris and even put our love lock on the lock bridge. Let’s be honest, he has always had the key to my heart.

crops & prints | paperyrain.com

We had a day date in Dallas and at the time, we didn’t know it would be one of our last times to really explore the city.

mckinney, tx | paperyrain.com

We loved on our little town of Mckinney, TX.

san antonio, tx | paperyrain.com

We went to visit family in San Antonio, TX and made sure to pit stop at the Blue Art Center, which conveniently had a 15 flight beer option on the menu. Why do I feel like the boys knew that?

red, white, and blue piña colada | paperyrain.com

We celebrated July 4th the true American way, with red, white, and blue drinks.. and with a little alcohol in there too.

a skort story | paperyrain.com

We beat the Texas summer heat by only coming out in shorts and tanks and when the sun had set. Oh, and after we stopped and got snow cones. Yes please!

raleigh, nc | paperyrain.com

We visited Raleigh, NC to spend some time with our friends and my sweet niece (not by blood, but definitely by love).

farm wedding

We celebrated 4 years of marriage in 2014. I literally couldn’t imagine life without him in it.

how to pack your closet | paperyrain.com

We packed up our lives, said goodbye to Dallas, TX and headed to Chicago, IL.

flashplan | paperyrain.com

We settled right into the city and fell in love! We had no chance, it’s just to amazing.

fall plaid | paperyrain.com

We visited an apple orchard in Michigan. Did I fall into a tree picking apples in a skirt? Why yes, yes I did.

fall style | paperyrain.com

We spent a lot of time outside exploring in the fall. We missed the Spring/Summer here in Chicago, but based off the fall version, we know we will love it.

oh christmas tree | paperyrain.com

We went to a tree farm in Illinois and cut down our own Christmas tree.

Although this year has been pretty great, I learned something a few years ago that has helped me when my years haven’t seemed so sweet.

Life is like a cake. Every layer is important because that is what builds the cake. Sometimes those layers aren’t perfect. Sometimes they crumble, they disappoint, and they aren’t as sweet as we’d hoped for, but the great news is there is another layer coming. The cake of life is full of different layers and although every layer may not come out perfect, the fact that we end up with a cake is something to be thankful for.

If 2014 was a not so sweet layer for you, know that 2015 might be your sweetest layer yet. Wake up tomorrow, thank God for giving you a new day, a fresh start, and set out to see the joy in everyday. (also, who is hungry for cake?)

Cheers to the sweetest layer!

Happy New Years everyone!


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