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A taxi cab driver told me he hoped that I was able to have some RRC over the holidays.

He said he sees so many people running around, anxiously trying to complete their lists and they seem so stressed. They aren’t taking the time to relax during a time when that’s what they should be doing instead of worrying what’s left to do, so he wished me some relaxation.

He then said once I relaxed, he wished for me to take time to reflect. He explained that once you slow down and relax, it allows room in your mind for other things in life outside of gifts, to do lists, parties, and worry. He said it makes room for thankfulness, appreciation of life, and overall satisfaction in what life has provided thus far, hence more time for reflection.

Lastly, he hoped that I would celebrate. He said once I relax and reflect, then I would have time to celebrate how great life has been. He said there is always something worth celebrating.

I told him that I was going to write about him in my blog and he smiled and said, “I think I’ll celebrate that tonight.”

I just wanted to share this story because: 1. What he said is so true and 2. he is such an inspiration. He shares such a positive message with strangers as they pass through his life and I think he is certainly worth celebrating.

So to the man who shared with me something so close to your heart as I passed briefly through your life, thank you. I hope your holidays are incredibly special.

And to my readers, thank you for the love and support. You certainly give me a lot to celebrate. I hope your holidays are nothing less than spectacular!

 Merry Everything and a Happy Always!


  1. Nancy Miller says:

    Thank you for your beautiful words! I really needed the reminder. In a blink it will all be over! So Polar Plunge on Thursday?

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