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Today, I am rounding out my first official week at Trunk Club. I already feel miles ahead of where I was on Monday, but as with any new job, it can feel so overwhelming. We are learning so much about men’s style, brands, and just overall new hire information, so I feel like a fully saturated sponge right now (thank goodness it’s Saturday, time to squeeze out). It can be really intimidating in such a high-pace environment with really high expectations. I have said this week, more times than I’m proud of, “What if I don’t hit my goals?,” “What if I don’t catch on quick enough?,” “What if I don’t succeed at this and get fired?” I actually didn’t even realize I was being so self-deflating until my new boss, who is seriously an amazing woman, (she doesn’t know I write this blog, so that is not in there for a little boost, but I’m considering telling her now that I threw that in there) caught me saying this to one of the girls on my time and asked if we could chat. She pulled me off to the side and said “I need you to write this on a post it and put it on your laptop, your desk, and in your house somewhere. What if I do?” She went on to explain that she was so much like me when she started, but finally someone told her to stop worrying about the don’ts and start focusing on the do’s. I felt a light go off, it was flashing a big yellow “duh” sign in it. All it takes is a shift in mindset and the exact same position seems like a new job entirely!

So what can you guys do today??


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