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vanilla coffee pancakes |

vanilla coffee pancakes |

vanilla coffee pancakes |

On the weekends, my hubby and I like to relax and reconnect. It just so happens that we like to do this over a really decadent breakfast. This past weekend, we got thick cut, local bacon (life changing), brewed some vanilla cookie dough coffee and then decided to get a little creative with some pancakes. Instead of making them normally, we added some coffee in the batter and they were delicious! I actually don’t drink a lot of coffee, but the sweetness and coffee bean flavor in these were perfect (I even ate one without butter or syrup. I barely remember it because I ate it so fast, but I recall the beginning).

This weekend, when it is cold and blistery outside, make these, they will warm your soul (and your belly).

Vanilla Coffee Pancakes


  • Aunt Jemima Buttermilk box pancake mix
  • 2/3 part coffee
  • 1/3 part water
  • butter
  • warm maple syrup


  • Mix the pancake mix and liquids. I do this by eye, so you are welcome to use the side of the box. If I can write take a spoon and drizzle a batter R in the rest of the batter and have it stay for a couple of seconds before dissolving, it’s perfect (a tradition I did with my grandma).
  • Cook on a griddle and serve with lots of syrup and butter!
  • Enjoy!!


  1. Katherine Williams says:

    The coffee in pancakes idea is amazing- can’t wait to try it! Where did you find this vanilla cookie dough coffee? Sounds so good!

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