week 2 training | health

north face running t-shirt | lululemon wunder under pant | dog/coach not for sale

 Ok, so this week has been going decently. I am still running at a slower pace than I’d like, but I am pushing through longer than I expected, so that’s good. This week’s biggest struggle is just getting out of bed to actually get to the gym. My husband is already at that “oh my gosh, it gives me so much energy,” stage, so I’m hoping next week this happens for me (as opposed to the “oh my gosh, are my feet cement?” stage). The other struggle is running on a treadmill. It can be good and bad. I know that I am maintaining pace because otherwise I would fly off of it (which is serious motivation), but I am also very aware that I am running. If you aren’t a natural runner, it can be a little bit of a struggle to lose yourself. I remember in the longer runs during my last training regimen I would lose track of time outside, but right now, it’s just a distant memory. I do feel proud afterwards and as this builds it will only motivate me more, so I am trying to know that this will one soon.

Let’s cheers with our runner’s goo to a great next week of training.

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