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So I took a Buzzfeed quiz today on what TV sitcom hangout I would be the most comfy in (I’ve passed the denial phase, I have a full blown quiz addiction). I got the Max from Saved by the Bell, which is basically a dream come true (the fact that my home girl Lisa knows you never bow out of a dance competition says it all) Although the Max is definitely me (along with my friends Zack, Kelly, and the gang), I feel like the menu could use an update (I mean it’s Cali, where’s the veggie options?). I thought, with Jessie’s approval, I’d add an appetizer option that really meshes with the Cali vibe (thanks Jessie).

One of my favorite things to cook this summer is grilled artichokes. It does take a few steps, but it is worth it!

First up, we need to prep the artichokes.

grilled artichokes |

We cut the top end off with one slice of the knife (about 1 inch). Then we snip the ends off of every leaf. (The ends are sharp, so that’s why we do that).  Next, cut them vertically in half. (Here’s a great step by step, just scroll down to whole artichoke)

Next, we scoop out the hairy inside, called the choke. Just take a spoon, like you would for pumpkin seeds, and scoop the inside out starting at the hairy bottom. Scoop until its all gone.

Next you place the prepped artichokes in ice water with a quarter of a lemon’s juice (if juicy, a couple teaspoons) to keep from browning.

Boil water, enough to cover the artichokes, and place the artichokes in for 15 minutes. Drain.

Next, it’s time to prep for grilling

grilled artichokes |

Before we can grill, we need to make a dipping/grilling sauce for the artichokes.

Mix together the other 3 quarters of the lemon from earlier, 4 cloves garlic (minced), 3/4 cup oil, and 1 tsp salt in bowl.

On a hot grill, use the sauce to coat one side and place oiled side down on the grill. The goal here is to get grill marks, so let the grill get hot and let sit on one side for a couple minutes, checking often.

Oil the other side and flip over (be careful with the flames, the oil might cause some flare up). Flip a couple times, repeating the oil each time until great grill marks are achieved.

grilled artichokes |

Now we are ready to eat!

The leaves are edible, but only the part actually attached to the artichoke. Dip the ends, and you scrap it through your teeth to get the “meat” off of them. As you work down through the leaves, the artichoke heart is the “meatiest” part. Take it, dip it, and melt, because its amazing (here is a tutorial. We are ahead of the game and have already cleaned the artichoke, so just focus on how to eat it).

grilled artichokes |

Party stopper. The Max really is my hot spot now. You can always count on Jessie to fight for a good cause.

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