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We have been doing a lot of celebrating these past couple of weekends. We celebrated a wedding 2 weekends ago and an engagement this past weekend. The only thing as exciting as celebrating love is celebrating how much I love this Kate Spade bow coat.

Getting dressed up is so fun anyway, but when you get to add a level of girlie on it with a classy, southern bow, then I’m over the moon jazzed (I’ve been seriously channeling my inner southern belle recently). Sometimes it is tough to love Kate Spade so much because it definitely won’t be on the cheaper side for your fashion budget, but I like to watch the sales and snag some cute things while they are flaunting their slimmer price tag. They tend to do pop up sales offering some deep discounts, so make sure you save some of that budget and go wild when the pop up sales pops up!

I’ve been stalking this bow coat for over a year and I realize why I was obsessed with it online, it makes everything you are wearing so much cuter! Seriously though, I’m not hard to please, if you put a big bow like this on a trash bag, I’m pretty sure I would wear it (maybe I can start a new trend).

Needless to say I’ve been living on a high of love and excitement the past few days for our friends and obviously my new closet family member, my southern (belle) bow coat.

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