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warby parker finch frames | j.crew factory ruffle collar | kate spade say yes earrings | j.crew factory dot jacquard mini | nordstrom quotient d’Orsay flats | jord frankie zebra wood & champagne | modcloth flock it to me | kate spade susan too sandals | wary parker haskell in crystal with maple

The most amazing thing about putting together some awesome spring outfits is that I might actually get to wear them soon in NC. (Not like tomorrow, which I would be totally ok with, but soon). I haven’t had a spring in North Carolina in 5 years, so naturally I have been stalking spring 2016 clothes since November (I have really been working on being present in the “where I am” moment, but spring is my wild card, I’m too darn excited!!). In Texas, spring was summer and in Chicago, spring was winter, so I’m incredibly jazzed to be able to experience the blossoming blooms, warm breezes, and east coast spring I remember.

In the time that I’ve been obsessing over spring colors and styles, I have narrowed down my first loves (hopefully coming soon to a closet near me). I am loving the blush color still. I always like pink, but this pale pink is just perfect for spring. I am also really excited about the “wood” tones in accessories and styles right now too (it reminds me of riding backwards, in the back of a wagoneer, playing Mrs. Mary Mac, with the wood grain paneling down the outside…ahhh, the 90’s). I’m always into girly prints, so that isn’t spring specific, but I just added that in for good measure (polka dots.. yes… flamingos.. yes). Lastly, but not least, is eyewear. I am a big fan of mixing up the vibe of your look and frames are a chic way of adding a new pop into your accessories. If I’m being super honest, these frames are like finding a piece of furniture that you decide to decorate your whole home around. I love these and feel like I can wear them with so much, so I am basically theming my whole spring wardrobe around getting them (does santa make deliveries in spring if you’ve been extra good?)

I mean..

warby parker | paperyrain.com

warby parker | paperyrain.com

I honestly think the only question for getting my spring wardrobe started is, what pair do I buy first?


  1. Kelly Jo says:

    Fun frames! I got glasses last year and I should be wearing them all the time but it just feels weird going from wearing nothing to bam! glasses 24/7. Love that pair in the middle, the perfect shade of blue!

    • paperyrain says:

      True, getting use to it can take some time. It makes me think about when I first started wearing toe socks, haha, I hated them so much, but I totally wore them all the time! Bless, haha.

  2. Gina says:

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