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This Sunday at our church, we started a new series called “Level Up. Build your Character.” Since this was the first Sunday of the series, we started off with the character heavy hitter, love. I won’t go over the whole sermon, but the biggest take away for me was how to really embody God’s love, and that is to share love.

I immediately started referencing my grandiose list of everything I’d love to do to make an impact. Rescue every homeless animal, create a system to house/feed/bounce back every homeless person, give every child a safe and loving home to grow up in, create world peace, cure cancer, you get the whole Miss America idea. Before I got too far in the depths of the list blueprints (not that it isn’t great to have large aspirations), the pastor said something that struck me. Not every act of love has to be extravagant. You can share love everyday, in small but important ways. Asking your grocery store cashier how their day has been, meeting your garbage man with a bottled water, or giving your spouse a hug before you guys start your day.

Something I have always known but allow myself to forget too often is that we truly rise by lifting others up. We gain love by giving love. When we don’t feel like saying hi, smiling, kissing our special ones, or even getting up to face the day, that’s when we need to fall on love, that’s when we need to force ourselves to love others the most.

We are nothing without love and you never know who needs to be reminded that they are loved. You may even realize by loving someone, that you needed a little reminder yourself. The daily acts of love is what we don’t have to start putting blueprints together for, we can start doing them today, this very minute. We can start making an impact right this moment and that is pretty amazing.

We have to remember we can’t get to where we want to be without the love and support of others. Be kind to people, show them love (even when they are hard to love), support others in their adventures and endeavors, love will lift you up because of it.


  1. Kim says:

    Really like your blog especially this post. You remind us whats really important. I read a lot of blogs and this is my first comment ever. So many blogs are full of supported products (shi*) no one needs.
    You write about a lot more important things.
    I was sad when you stopped blogging for a few months. Fotunately you’re back!
    Thank you and keep the good work going!

    • paperyrain says:

      This means so much!! I’m so thankful that you chose to comment!! I am trying not to get too caught up in all the links, etc, so I appreciate that you sent some inspiration!
      Thank you for reading, it just means the world.

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