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“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepburn

This quote is everything (and not just because I love gardens and Audrey Hepburn). I never like to get too caught up in the tomorrow’s because then you miss today, but I love this for the hope I feel when I read it.

Tomorrow starts anew. There’s a whole new path to take tomorrow; A new memory, A new chapter (or new story for the same chapter), a new day to give it your all.

Some times, our todays don’t go as planned, so tomorrow is that restart button on our attitude, our mistakes, our thoughts. When I snuggle into bed, I try to thank God for another day and for the day to come. I believe in tomorrow. I believe that I can make the most out of it and I vow to give it my best shot!

It isn’t just about believing in tomorrow though, it’s about planting your garden too. To build relationships, sow those seeds of kindness, love, and joy, to be thankful for today (even if not great) helps turn that belief of tomorrow being better into a reality. We have to try to think about the bigger picture. Yes, in a moment in time, we can feel pain, or anger, or disappointment, but how we handle those feelings helps shape tomorrow and the next day. Sow your seeds of love and kindness so deep that even in the midst of a hardship, you are surrounded by positive thoughts (at least that is my goal I’m working towards now).

 So, if your Friday already started a little hairy (running late, spilled coffee, your boss is being a crazy person with requests, whatever) just breathe deep, sow your love garden, and believe in tomorrow (and most definitely believe in the weekends).

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