pet mother’s day gift ideas | style

mother's day for animal moms

1. cat face tank | 2. dachshund makeup bag | 3. dog tote | 4. rescue wine candle | 5. dog stainless steel water bottle | 6. ‘in dogs we trust’ necklace | 7. rabbit tote | 8. elena flats | 9. you had me at meow picture | 10. fish bone earrings

First off, happy (almost) mother’s day to every type of mom out there. Secondly, I decided to put this together after coming across an article written by a mom. She made it abundantly clear that having a child and owning a pet is totally different, therefore, celebrating mother’s day for pet parents was a ridiculous idea.

Granted no one has asked me how I feel about this (they probably didn’t ask her either) and I am not getting this published in a national forum, but my main take away from the whole article was: why can’t we celebrate both? I don’t think that puppy or kitty moms who want to celebrate all they do for their fur babies takes away from being a mom who wants to celebrate all they do for their human babies. (I also don’t think many pet parents consider it the same as having human kids, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be moms). So again, why can’t we celebrate both? Why do you just get to be a mom by having children? What if you can’t have children/don’t want children, but have animals that you love like your own child, nourish like your own child, and lose sleep over like your own child; does that not qualify you to have a special day?

A “mother,” by definition, is a female parent. Some definitions say “have given birth to,” but we all know how dumb that sounds, because being a mom is way more than birthing a child, right? (the most obvious debunker of that being adoption). So then we bounce over to the term “parent,” what does this mean? According to Merriam-Webster, it is “a. one that begets or brings forth offspring. b. a person who brings up and cares for another.” (Want to know why there is an a and b option, because not everything can be defined with one sentence or one person’s thought). Now “another,” to me, is another being, mammal, creature;  it’s all inclusive. You have to be the mother of all narcissists (pun intended) to only consider your thoughts and your definition of caring for “another” to be the “right” way of defining it.

To me, the definition of a mom is: having patience, being selfless, playing too much, loving unconditionally, kissing too often, being strong when things are tough, and being the breath their family survives on. I know there are a lot of “childless” mom’s out there. Dad’s who are moms, mom’s who are moms, and grand parents, foster parents, and neighbors who are moms. I think, spending your time, as a mom, judging other people who want to celebrate all they do for their children, 2 or 4 legged, is missing the point of what the day is all about.

When some mom’s are getting hand prints, cards, flowers, or necklaces, the animal mom’s in the world are going about their day without anything. We rescue, adopt, feed, love, train, discipline, sacrifice, and care for these animals without any expectation of ever getting so much as a thank you and if that’s not being a mom, I don’t know what is.

So mom’s of all kinds, treat yo self, because you do deserve it.

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