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I love the holidays, like kind of geek out about them. Obviously, Christmas is one of my favorites (the magic of Christmas is so real y’all), but I don’t discredit any holiday as a great reason to get overly themed out, celebrate with friends/family, and over indulge a bit on seasonal candy (I’m neck deep in peppermint and hot chocolate everything right now). I’m a firm believer in finding your everyday joy, so when the universe hands you a gift wrapped day, ready to be celebrated, you celebrate! I don’t think it comes as a surprise that when we found out we were expecting (skkkkiiiirrrchhh… that’s right, I’m pregnant), that her due date fell right smack on a holiday; little Miss Madeline is due Valentine’s Day, 2017. Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorites (pink, hearts, and candy?? That’s a no brainer), but now, it sure does take on a whole new level of celebration potential.

We found out we were expecting around one of the last posts I posted and shortly there after I became part of my mattress thanks to pretty severe nausea. The bad news was that I wasn’t quite prepared to have to army crawl through my house to get to the bathroom, but the good news is 1. I lost 10 lbs and I’ve tried to do that for like 3 years, who knew getting pregnant was the secret (for the record, I was healthy and Madeline was safe) and 2. Once the first trimester ended, it has been smooth sailing with no side effects at all (I think Madeline went pretty hard on me, so she felt bad).

Once I started to feel like I wasn’t constantly battling the worst 3 month hangover of my life, I started to experience some of the emotions that come with being pregnant, one of which came down to me feeling confused about putting my journey online. I decided to take a break and just focus on keeping the process a little more personal. I am officially 31 weeks today and after a lot of thoughts of whether I felt comfortable putting my life as a mom to be and soon Madeline on the blog, I decided I need this for my soul. Although the internet can be a gross, hairy place, it can also be the great connector, so I decided to snap back into blogging mode.

The focus will still be southern goodness, but with a new mommy and baby Madeline twist (and obviously, the dogs new roles as big brother and sister). If for nothing else, I want to document my journey the best way I know how, through creativity, meaningful photos, and writing because so much has and is changing and I feel like doing something that makes me feel like me will be pretty key (I hear postpartum is no joke). I’d like to stay on a schedule, but I’ll be honest, that probably won’t happen. I truly appreciate those who wrote on insta or emailed me about where I dropped off the planet to, but I’m here, carrying a soccer ball belly, ready to get my creative juices flowing once again. (please forgive me if my style posts are a little lacking, I’m still adjusting to being the kool-aid man look-alike).

I hope to share Madeline’s nursery soon (preview: flamingos and Coco Chanel quotes are my life). Until then, happy holidays and merry everything.

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