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Truthfully, I started researching this post inspiration based on the thought that my husband thinks being a parent is hard when he changes like 4 diapers a week and has her alone for an hour at a time over the weekend (bitter much Ramie?) If you’ve never cleaned the shower while showering, or forgotten to eat while feeding your child, or forgot to use the bathroom for that matter, just in general, I’m not sure you can fully grasp the whole “parenting is a lot” deal. But as I got further into searching for the perfect cheeky, dad quote, I started seeing all these quotes about how little girls need their daddies. Then, as the internet tends to do, my search started spiraling larger into articles, psych studies, testimonials, etc. of how big a dad’s role plays in their kids lives. So 4 hours later, I circled back around and decided that instead of complaining about how it took me 2.5 weeks to write this post because he traveled for work, followed by a boys weekend, then traveled for work again (and is currently traveling for work), and his need to go to the gym religiously (I mean, this is partly because usually I just polished off dessert when he’s heading to work out and I don’t need that negativity haha), that I in fact am probably one of the luckiest people there is, and Madeline definitely is.

He works so hard, never complains when I spend too much on unnecessary things, cooks dinner whenever I’m having a hard day and can’t get to it, fixes me a half cup of coffee in the morning before he leaves so I have just a sip (because I don’t really like it but found I need it… hello caffeine). He patiently weathers my emotions around Madeline and never makes me feel like poo for constantly slighting him for Madeline. He sings kids songs to Madeline, tears her food into pieces and feeds them every so slowly to her, and always reminds me how hard it is to go back to work on Monday after seeing her all weekend. In all truthfulness, that man is an angel and he deserves all the praise for how incredible of a husband and father he is. I obviously will keep having moments where I feel like I do it all (which he always says thank you for all I do) but he is awesome and I need to remember that Madeline isn’t the only one who opened my heart to a new kind of love, so did he.


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