the fear factor


Dear Diary,

I was just chatting with another beginner blogger about things that hold us back in our blog. I realized that the underlying issue that kept ringing true for all topics was fear.

During the process of getting a blog started, fear seemed to be everywhere. What if the photos looked stupid? What if someone reads it and hates it? What if I can’t figure out the technology? What if I run out of ideas?

Even now, with the blog growing, fear pops in, but I am trying to keep it in perspective.

If fear had won in the beginning, I would’ve never started my blog. There has absolutely been times when my photos were bad, when I couldn’t figure out the technology, or even when someone said something really hurtful, but I made it out of those moments. I have learned more about the camera, learned how to create better content, and learned how to be more confident in myself. So yes I slipped up, as I’m sure I will continue to do, but that is literally the worst thing that will happen. The best thing, is I am learning, getting better, and are even feeling proud of what’s been accomplished.

Fear and success can’t be at the same party.

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