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When I was 7, I remember inviting a girl not many people in our grade liked to my birthday party (let’s call her Jane). Honestly, I didn’t know her, but my grandma said it would be impolite to not invite her (that was back in the day when we invited the entire grade to our parties and we just ran around and screamed for 3 hours), so I invited Jane and she attended. As I was opening gifts at the party, one of my best friends started having a huge meltdown because I got Teresa (the coolest Barbie ever) that came with glitter lotion (I mean I could barely breathe I was so excited) and she didn’t have it yet. I got really emotional about it all because I thought she would be excited for me, I was even willing to share. As all the girls just watched my best friend unravel, Jane, the girl that everyone had pretty much shunned for nearly 3 hours, came up and said “I think it’s really cool you got Teresa.” I started hysterically crying and before my grandma came and scooped me away, Jane was just hugging me.

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