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Isn’t it though? I think back on the month I graduated college, that was last month right? (but let’s be real, it was 8 years ago, good grief!) I was moving out on my own to start my new job, was single, and didn’t have a clue what life had in store for me (I mean, I honestly thought my life’s playbook was Sex & the City). Turns out, my future had a different play book (no Jimmy Choos and Prada for me yet). Throughout the past 8 years, my future involved: meeting my husband, getting married, traveling, learning from mistakes, making friends (and losing some too), rescuing my pups, moving 4 times, meeting myself (maybe for the first time) and most recently, starting a blog that reaches parts of my heart I didn’t know needed to be reached.

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floral days of summer | style

1. Gorjana Honeycomb Lariat 2. Target Vis A Vis Sunglasses 3. J.Crew Factory Printed Racerback Cami (on super sale!) 4. Coach Poppy 5. Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Bangle 6. Kate Spade Cedar Street Monday 7. Ted Baker Muirin Floral Print Skirt 8. Seychelles Thyme Wedges

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mckinney, tx | swoon

Mckinney, TX has been slowly making its way onto the “must see list” in Texas for the past few years. Although it continues to grow quickly, the town places its focus on keeping the “small town feel” with its community driven goals and picturesque settings. Mckinney has many sites to see, but one of my very favorite places is the historic downtown area. It is like stepping back into time (I feel like I will run into Andy Griffith and Otis any day now); the people are friendly, the shops are adorable, the houses are beautiful, and the food is delicious. I thought I would share some of my very favorite spots around town, just in case you’re swinging through (in which case, call me. I am always up for a lunch/shopping day with new friends).

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