rescue joy

Every day, at least once, I look at my rescue pups and feel so much joy because they are happy, well taken care of, and loved (oh, did I mention crazy?). The best part about this is my joy is just a small part of the joy rescue animals are bringing families everyday, so I thought, why not share that joy here. If you’re looking to smile ear to ear, just click on a name from the main “rescue joy” tab and smile on.

But first, my sweet rescues:

conner |


  • favorite treat: carrots
  • favorite toy: piggy (a shredded stuffed animal that hardly resembles a pig)
  • favorite activity: cuddling under the covers all night (maybe that’s mine, but we will say it’s his too)

ella: rescue joy |


  • favorite treat: homemade jerky treats (you’re welcome little miss)
  • favorite toy: Mr. Squeaks (a pink rubber elephant)
  • favorite activity: sitting on her perch (an Ikea ottoman) in the front office and keeping tabs on the neighborhood (she considers herself the social chair)

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