bane: rescue joy |

bane: rescue joy |

  • his story: Bane, a 6 month old pit-bull, was rescued by James Scott about 3 months ago from an abusive home. James was looking on Craigslist for a puppy for his sister, when he answered an add about a pit-bull puppy in Garland, TX. Once at the home, he met Bane, who had a beautifully gentle soul, despite having his ears clipped improperly by his owners (which were still healing), a massive cyst on his jaw, and had signs of severe malnourishment. James knew Bane wasn’t right for his sister, but he couldn’t leave him behind, so he decided to adopt him. Bane, although on steroids and antibiotics for a while longer to get him strong again from his abuse, has improved and is flourishing in his new home with James. 
  • favorite treat: bacon chews with hearts in the middle (which is fitting for a pup with so much heart)
  • favorite toy: he loves to get dirty socks out of the hamper and have them meet their maker (sorry socks, what Bane says goes). 
  • favorite activity: he loves to play tug-o-war (which he never loses at). Bane also loves to head back to the hamper (and not to finish off the pair) to knock it over and transform it into his favorite (dirty) napping spot.

Rescue note: Having pit mixes myself, it must be noted that Bane was severely abused and is one of the most gentle dogs I have met. Head to to learn more about the pit-bull breed and meet more sweet pits like Bane. 


  1. Kelly Jo says:

    Oh my gosh that top picture is adorable!! I think he could bring a smile to anyones face if they gave him the chance. It makes me happy to see positive stories like this one, there are so many breeds that get negative attention but just like humans, not all dogs are alike. Sad to think of what Bane went through but I’m so glad there are people like James out there.

  2. says:

    Status update! Bane is better than ever and still being a big puppy. Thanks again for the great pictures.

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