rescue joy: bear |

rescue joy: bear |


  • his story: Bear, a Dutch Shepard, was training to be a SAR (search & rescue) dog when he decided that the water part of his training cramped his style (I mean when you are this handsome, it’s no surprise he wasn’t willing to ruin his “fur-do”). Bear was placed up for adoption in Florida, which coincided perfectly with Teah Sharp’s 11 year process of begging and pleading with her husband for a dog, that she had just won (persistence everyone). They brought Bear to their home to be an outside dog, per Mr. Sharp’s rules, and by the next day, Mr. Sharp was pondering whether Bear needed his own recliner for inside. They had been planning a vacation for a year, in which they cancelled because they (Mr. Sharp included) were worried Bear might feel lonely. Bear has been happily and sweetly calling the shots since then.
  • favorite treat: Fish skins, that Mrs. Sharp toasts for him.
  • favorite toy: A large red kong. It use to be his large stuffed iguana, may he rest in “pieces.”
  • favorite activity: Playing with the dogs at the dog park.


  1. Teah says:

    That’s my boy! Bear was thrilled to meet you. You have talented eye and I love your site. A feast for the eyes.

    • paperyrain says:

      Teah, thank you so much for letting me feature Bear. His picture is getting lots of visits, so we must not be the only ones that think Bear is a sweet and handsome boy. Again thank you so much and I hope to see you again (at night) at the park in the future! 🙂

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