bingo: rescue joy |

bingo: rescue joy |

This sweet boy is our friends, Kyle and Katherine’s dog and they reached out to me because Bingo was begging to be featured during his birthday month. Word around the block is, he only drinks sparkling water out of straws now because of his “star” status (and let’s be honest, he is a star).

  • his story: Bingo, a coonhound, basset, and pit mix was found with his litter beside a dumpster. A good soul found them and took them to the humane society. Kyle was looking for a pup and fell in love with Bingo (and his nose) as soon as he saw him. Bingo, although left with some residual anxiousness around being left, has blossomed into a handsome, loving, and spirited pup (after requesting I get his “good side,” maybe a little sass in there as well).
  • favorite treat: (when he is on tour, he requests) watermelon, denta stix (it’s a Bingo must to have fresh breath), and anything humans eat (because he is human right?)
  • favorite toy: favorite might be a stretch, the toy that has survived the longest is his kong football. What he enjoys most about toys though is shredding them.
  • favorite activity: he loves walks, dog parks, and chasing squirrels (well, as much as you can chase on a leash)

Happy Birthday Sweet Bingo!!

Thanks for gracing me with your modeling skills.

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