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rescue joy: buddy & scooter | paperyrain.comScooter

rescue joy: buddy & scooter | paperyrain.comBuddy

  • their stories: Scooter: is an Anatolian Shepard mix that was found in East Texas, in the middle of the road, by the Glackin family. Mr. Glackin was concerned for his safety, so he stopped and called him over to the car, in which Scooter happily jumped in the back. They took him to the vet, got him all fixed up and decided to give him a forever home with them. Buddy: is a Great Pyrenees that wandered into the Glackin’s garage with no fur, starving, a bb gun shot wound, and full of ticks. After giving Buddy some food, he realized the dog was sleeping in the bushes across from their house. The next morning, Buddy was taken in and never looked back. 
  • favorite treats: both love chicken strips
  • favorite toys: Scooter: a stuffed monkey, that he enjoys playing operation on (a.k.a. slowly de-stuffs); Buddy: raw hides
  • favorite activity: Scooter: he loves to fetch and take walks; Buddy: enjoys the art of playing “crouching tiger, hidden dragon,” as he sneaks his way onto the couch for a relaxing (and unpermitted) nap.

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