cerberus: rescue joy | paperyrain.com

  • his story: Josh Huddleston found sweet Cerberus, a pit-bull/boxer mix, in Northern Dallas roaming the streets. Josh immediately noticed the cuts & bruises on his body along with how malnourished he looked (he was eating dirt and leaves for food). Josh knew he had to save this beautiful dog, so he got him in the car, took him to a vet (made sure he wasn’t microchipped, good man) and started Cerberus’ road to recovery. They found out he was 30 lbs. underweight but they also found out that his spirit never took a hit. Cerberus was sweet and loving from the first moment Josh met him and now, he is receiving the same love he gives out in his forever home. 
  • favorite treat: ice cubes (Cerberus said it keeps him hydrated and lean)
  • favorite toy: his tennis ball his is outdoor favorite and his rope is his indoor favorite (what? he’s sophisticated)
  • favorite activity: Cerberus is a lover of life, I learned that as soon as I met him. He loves car rides, chasing the ball, and cuddling with his family. 

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