lila blue

rescue joy: lila blue |

rescue joy: lila blue |

Lila Blue

  • her story: Lila Blue was adopted about a month ago into the Bennett home. She is a beautiful, curious, blue-eyed puppy that gives love to anybody and any puppy around. 
  • favorite treat: Buttered toast, in which she shares with Mr. Bennett at 4pm with tea everyday.
  • favorite toy: A large nyla bone with a close second being her owl that dispenses treats
  • favorite activity: Sleeping on the bed (it was noted she sleeps with reckless abandon for others’ comfort).


  1. Michael and Dena says:

    Well done! You caught Lila Blue’s serious side. She’s a bundle of energy and joy, but a deep thinker too. 🙂

    • paperyrain says:

      It was such a joy meeting you both today! Thanks for letting me share Lila blue’s beauty with everyone! 🙂

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