lucky: rescue joy |

lucky: rescue joy |

  • his story: Lucky was adopted in Alabama and within 24 hours, was hospitalized with a severe case of parvovirus (he didn’t even have a name yet). It turned out, the shelter he was adopted from had a huge outbreak of parvo and almost all the other dogs died from it (so sad, I know). His new family said, if Lucky made it out alive, then, he would be named, Lucky. Great news! He made it and he is living his happily ever after in Mckinney with his loving family. 
  • favorite treat: rawhides
  • favorite toy: his ball (or any ball. They described him as somewhat of a ball addict. For most of his pictures, he had his eye on a close by ball).
  • favorite activity: playing chase or keep away with his, you guessed it, ball. He also loves to ride in his families’ ranger. When he hears the engine start, he runs and jumps in with his tongue ready to flap in the wind. 


  1. Donna Martinez says:

    This is a very special dog. I’m so glad he has been given this wonderful family, who I know loves him to the moon and back. Lucky family, Lucky dog

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