maggie & dakota

maggie & dakota: rescue joy  |


maggie & dakota: rescue joy  |


maggie & dakota: rescue joy |

  • their stories: Dakota: Curt Jagger had to put his lab down after 12 years of companionship about 6 years ago and he wasn’t taking it well. After crying for 30 days straight, his wife suggested they get another dog (for his happiness and her sanity). They stumbled across a young girl who was moving and needed to find a good home for her puppy. It took one visit to know that Curt and his wife would be a perfect fit and would give Dakota the home and love she deserved (and then some). She has been spoiled and fashionable ever since. Maggie: After having Dakota for a while, Curt decided he wanted another lab. He talked to his friend Terry (Missy’s dad and godfather to Maggie) who said he had a litter of lab mixes at the SPCA of Mckinney for him to take a look at. Curt met Maggie and fell in love and knew he had to have her. As time went on, Curt noticed she was staying pretty small and was a little fluffier than Dakota was as a puppy (not to mention having to return the large breed puppy food after it not working out so well). Turns out, Maggie is not a lab, as you can see (she is a SPCA designer dog, as Curt put it). Lucky for Maggie, she had stolen Curt’s heart and with that, Maggie, the lab, non-lab, completed their family. 
  • favorite treat: they both enjoy boiled chicken breasts, which is promptly served at 5pm everyday (with tea, just kidding).
  • favorite toy: Dakota: her jolly ball (which she has 1 for the dog park, 1 at home, and 1 in reserve for when she might need a replacement…adorable) Maggie: chewing on her best friend, Missy.
  • favorite activity: they both love the dog park…everyday…for 2 hours (If I get to come back in another life, I want to come back as a dog in the Jagger family) Dakota also enjoys sporting daily scarves, which Curt happily changes out for her (what girl doesn’t like having her beauty time)

  Special note: Most dog owners I meet are amazing, you can see their hearts and their love for their dogs, but Curt and his friend Terry were on a different level. There was such a pureness there; the love they have for their dogs, the brotherly friendship they have with each other, and the kindness in which they welcomed in a stranger asking to photograph their dogs, it is inspiring.  


  1. curt Jagger says:

    Ramie, love the stories, love the pictures, and your appreciation of a couple of old men and their dogs. Sorry you missed mimosa day. Come back and I’ll introduce you to some other happy rescue dog owners. Thank you.

    regards, Curt

    • paperyrain says:

      I am sorry I missed mimosa day!! I will definitely come back and visit with you young gentlemen, and maybe I’ll even bring the mimosas!! Thank you so much for letting me feature your sweet pups and for being so kind!

  2. Mary Schannen says:

    OOOOOOhKay – I just wrote you a message – I know Curt and of course Maggie and Dakota! Terry was the one who asked me to take the horse images at the SPCA- Now I see the connection – 🙂

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