melanie (& porter)

melanie & porter: rescue joy |


melanie & porter: rescue joy |

melanie & porter: rescue joy |


Before we start, two things: 1.  I kind of cheated. Porter is not a rescue, but he is part of Melanie’s rescue journey (and he is absolutely precious) and he wanted his picture taken too (who am I to deny his model side), so he is pictured, but the story is really about Melanie (he’s just along because of his good looks). 2. These are my niece and nephew pups (proud Auntie right here)

  • her story: Melanie had been through two bad experiences by the time she met Chuck & John (owners of Chuck’s Pet Grooming and friends of my sister and brother-in-law). In her first home, she was chained up in the backyard for months and in her second home, she was left outside, un-chained, but dangerously walking the streets. She was surrendered to a kill shelter when Chuck and John took her in. They contacted my sister and brother-in-law (he knew they were looking for a dog) and they drove to South Carolina from Texas to meet her, in hopes of bringing her with them back. Melanie made a connection with my sister-in-law and although she had a lot of work to be done to trust people, she showed signs she could with my sister-in-law, so they then rescued her and kept her rehabilitation going. At age 3, they got Porter, who has really helped Melanie come out of her shell. Porter is pretty care free, so Melanie has taken his motto on life (a little) and has started to open up. You can tell the scars from her past are there, but you can also tell that she loves her life (and her fun-loving brother) and really appreciates how good she has it. 
  • favorite treat: bacon (she’s got it good)
  • favorite toy: a stuffed dragon she had until Porter came along (may the dragon rest in pieces). She hasn’t quite grieved Mr. Dragon’s passing, so it is still her favorite
  • favorite activity: patrolling the backyard (she might be scared of her shadow, but the shadows don’t know that yet)

in memory of Porter

 the sweetest, most gentle giant I’ve ever known


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