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sylvie & jasper: rescue joy | paperyrain.comJasper

sylvie & jasper: rescue joy |

sylvie & jasper: rescue joy | paperyrain.comSylvie

  • their stories: Jasper: is a sweet, 4-year-old Catahoula leopard dog that was adopted from a shelter 2 years ago by Shannon Marsh. He couldn’t quite find the right home because he had issues with men from his past, so he stayed in the shelter for so long that he was moved to another shelter because he reached his limit at the first one. Shannon had kept an eye on him and decided to track him down and give him a home outside of the shelter. Sylvie: is a precious, 8-year-old pug that was adopted last Christmas. Sylvie was moving from foster to foster and finally found her forever home with Shannon. 
  • favorite treats: Jasper: bacon strips Sylvie: bones and anything that her brother Jasper has.
  • favorite toys: Jasper: rope Sylvie: anything that is Jasper’s favorite (I’m seeing a trend here)
  • favorite activity: Jasper: he loves to run Sylvie: (I’ll give you one guess) she loves to be with Jasper. 

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