tara: rescue joy | paperyrain.com

  • her story: Tara is a 3-year-old basset hound/corgi mix. She was adopted in January by Jim O’Sullivan after stopping at a pet store adoption out of curiosity. Her only back story was that they knew she had been physically abused in the past so she had a few issues, but other than that, a great dog. Jim couldn’t resist, so he took her home and now, Tara is a sweet pup who is full of life, fun, and barks (and dirt when at the dog park, you can see it on her tongue)
  • favorite treat: food (she is easy to please)
  • favorite toy: her food, she entertains herself by playing with her food (apparently, it’s not bad manners to play with your food when you’re a dog, it’s cute)
  • favorite activity: she loves to, you guessed it, eat her food and then take a long nap afterward


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